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Patents Applications:

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Book Chapter:
24. M.N. Hyder, N.J. Shah and P.T. Hammond, Multilayer Assembly Approaches: from Electrochemical Energy to Programmable Pharmacies, in Multilayer Thin Films: Sequential Assembly of  Nanocomposite Materials, G. Decher, J. Schlenoff, Wiley-VCH, NY, London. (June 2012)

Journal Articles:

Research Areas Energy (8) Environment (7) Biomedicine (4) Others (4)

23. M. Damak, S.R. Mahmoudi, M.N. Hyder, and K.K. Varanasi, Enhancing Droplet Deposition through In-situ Precipitation, Nature Communication 7, 12560 (2016)
     [spotlight news on MIT's homepage, Conservation]

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    [spotlight news on MIT's homepage, Boston Magazine] 

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17. B.R. Solomon, M.N. Hyder, and K.K. Varanasi, Separating Oil-water Nanoemulsions using Flux-Enhanced Hierarchical Membranes, Nature Scientific Reports 4, 5504 (2014)
     [spotlight news on MIT's homepage,, Climate Wire]

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16. P-Y Chen, M.N. Hyder, D. Mackanic, N-M.D. Courchesne, A.M. Belchar and P.T. Hammond, Assembly of Viral Hydrogel for Three-Dimensional Conducting Nanocomposites, Advanced Materials 26, 5101–5107(2014)
     [selected for cover of Advanced Materials]

15.  M.N. Hyder*, B. Gallant*, N. J. Shah, Y. Shao-Horn and P.T. Hammond, Synthesis of Highly Stable Sub- 8nm TiO2 Nanoparticles and Their Multilayer Electrodes of TiO2/Multiwalled Carbon NanotubesNano Letters, 13(10), 4610-4619 (2013).

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     - Podcast from AAAS
     - report on C&E : Longer-Lasting Artificial Joints
     - report on Boston Globe

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13.  S.Y. Kim, J.K. Hong, R. Kavian, S.W. Lee, M.N. Hyder, Y. Shao-Horn and P.T. Hammond, Rapid fabrication of layer-by-layer electrodes of multi-walled carbon nanotubes, Energy & Environmental Science, 6, 888 (2013)

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             [ Selected as fronstpiece cover material of Advanced Materials,
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